“...I will sing with my spirit, but I will sing intelligently with my mind and understanding also." [1 Corinthians 14:15b]

When we gather on Sunday morning, we desire to present to the Lord our truest of gifts…our worship; to give Him not only the praise of our lips, but the surrender of our hearts.

 As a liturgical congregation, all of our services follow the ancient fourfold order of worship: Gathering, Word, Meal and Sending.



As the primary musical leaders during our 8:15 service, the choir sings from a repertoire that includes a stirring and reverent combination of classic hymns, anthems, chorales, oratorios, along with several modern and world music pieces.  The choir is open to anyone (ages 14+) who enjoys singing and has a willing heart to lead the congregation in song.  Seasonal opportunities also available during the Christmas, Easter, and Summer seasons for those unable to participate with us year-round.  While musical ability is a prerequisite - no formal audition is required!


Comprised of auditioned vocalists and instrumentalists, the praise team assists in leading the congregation in corporate song, facilitating a modern expression of musical worship through the use of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, combined with the timeless foundations of ancient-future liturgical worship at our 11:00 service in the Great Room.

Instrumentation often includes the use of keyboard, drums, acoustic and elecric guitar, bass, auxiliary percussion, woodwinds, strings, and brass.

peals of praise adult handbell ensemble

The sound of handbells brings a sense of joy and excitement to our praise of God, and at other times evokes a sense of peace and serenity.  With capacity for up to 10 ringers (age 14+), we share our gifts, spanning several centuries and genres of music - including the best of contemporary Christian music, with the congregation in worship;.  No prior experience is required to join!




Audio/Visual Media Ministry: The A/V team is a critical ministry to every service.  Members of this team work behind the scenes to ensure that every effort is made to facilitate dynamic corporate worship and clear communication to the congregation.  Opportunities are available to serve on rotation during both the 8:15 and 11:00 services and include operating display software, videography for live streaming, or lighting.

Cantors/Assisting Ministers: Cantors/Assisting Ministers are auditioned choristers who assist in leading and chanting parts of the liturgy at our 8:15 service.

Acolytes/Crucifers:  Acolytes/Crucifers assist the pastors and worship leaders in facilitating worship for the congregation at our 8:15 service.  Their primary responsibilities are to bear the light of Christ and carrying the cross as they lead the choir and clergy in procession.


If you are interested in participating in any of the music ministries, please email Joshua Starnes.