Kristie is a Roanoke native. She and her husband Rick are raising three daughters Mary, Sarah, and Sophie. It is through raising these three beautiful girls she has needed God’s wisdom, craved God’s comfort, and rejoiced in God’s love and grace.

In 1991, Kristie earned a B.S. in Elementary Education from Florida State University. She taught in the public schools at both the elementary and middle school levels for 18 years. During that time, she witnessed many children in need of Jesus. Similarly, she found the same need in herself. Since receiving the Holy Spirit late in life, Kristie has a sense of urgency to know more of Him and is currently working toward a Master of Arts in Religion at the Institute of Lutheran Theology.

In addition to learning about the Lord, Kristie enjoys reading. Heaven most definitely to her is a library with no overdue fees or waiting lists. However, she and her husband do occasionally put down their books. When this happens, they can be found at a concert or watching baseball in the summer and hockey in the winter.

St. John Lutheran Church is a light to the world. Its focus on Biblical truths provides Kristie with the light needed to grow in her relationship with God. She feels that asking someone to choose a favorite Bible verse is like asking a starving man to choose one grain of rice. That said, Psalm 25.4-5 is that grain of rice and speaks most clearly to her.

It is Kristie’s desire that each child at St. John Lutheran Church come to know God and see Him working in his or her life – to know that the still small voice is the one of their Heavenly Father who loves them undeservedly.